Can't open the episode app, and can't read stories!❤️ 🥺 episode fix this pls!? [FIXED]

Sooo The last update wasn’t that bad it runs quickly and nothing bad happened :heart: i can read stories tho, and it let me open the app, soo i see that episode has updated so i updated the app but after that, i open the app but its still working but when i try to read stories it won’t let me read stories this is what it looks like :arrow_down:

This is what it looks like dear...

Then I sended a support ticket to the episode team, but after 1 day they responded sooo i tried to do the instructions they given me, but we have no internet but my signal is 100% surely fast!
So i tried to delete the app and try to install it again and now i can’t open the app tho…:cold_sweat: it annoys me… this is what it looks like…


you know my signal is 100% fast idk whats the problem tho :joy: i wish i shouldn’t have updated the app, episode fix this bug right now plsssssss:sob: i have to open and read the stories on the app ASAP because of my upcoming storyyyyyy!:heart:


The first one happens to me too. There are certain stories I can’t read. The only thing you can do is get a different device or proofreader, or issue a support ticket

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Hey sorry for the late reply lmao!:rofl: yeah i already sended a support ticket and nothing happened yes they responded, but still i can’t open the app for weeks now :pleading_face:

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@Nick @Sydney_H Can U guys pls closed this thread? luvyahh two! :sparkling_heart: :yay:


Closed by OP request. :smiley: