Cant preview my episode :(

Hey, Anyone else having problem when previewing your episode, because I am. If u have a solution then let me know.


Are you using the website previewer or the app?

If you are using a computer and not all ready doing so, switch to Google Chrome and see if that works.
If already using Google Chrome, try closing the tab and reopening it. If that does not work, clear the browser cache.
If none of that works or the issue is with mobile submit a support request.

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If none of what @Purple_Ghost said works then it must be your wifi.

Also, @Purple_Ghost do you know why mine is saying “Error no natism detected”

Can you show me a picture of that message?


thanks I will give it a go

hi, when i want to preview my episode it keeps saying downloading data… i am using chrome and i did everything, but it still was like that, it wasn’t my wifi, my wifi is working pretty fast

you can use puffin web browser, my episode previews now, puffin web browser works check it out

Yes, I am having MAJOR issues.