Can't preview my story on my phone

Hi there.

I’ve been working on my first story for a while now, and I’ve already wrote two chapters.
A few days ago, I had to make another episode account due some problems, and copy/paste everything to my new account.
Now that I’ve finally done that, my story won’t preview on the app on my phone.
I emailed episode several times, and I’ve tried everything.
My story is over 400 lines, and before this account I could also preview my story even though I haven’t made three chapters.
I just don’t know what to do, I tried to log out many times but nothing works.
I hope someone can help me with this.
Thank you in advance. <3

Hi @Anna.writes, did you submit a help ticket to our support team? :smiley:

I’ve send some e-mails yes, but where can I fill in a ticket? :sweat_smile:

try to create 3 chapters, it seems like you need to have them only on new accounts. It works with less in the older ones.

You can submit a ticket via the link in my previous post! :smiley: This one: help ticket

I had similar ‘problem’ with my new story I’ve been working on, but after a few days (and further progress) it appeared in my app, and I had only 1 chapter.