Can't preview my story oof


i don’t know if this is the right topic but um

the thing at the top right, i don’t know what to do


Pretty much everyone is having difficulty using the previewer


well shoot, thank you


I ususally refresh a couple of times.


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I don’t know if this will help, but you use a lot cut/pan to zone 3

use it once, you already in the zone 3 so you don’t need to pan there again. (my friend story was freezing because of it)


It could also be a certain personalized overlay/background, if you’re using one.


This has been happening since march for me, I’ve asked episode and they were no help whatsoever. I guess it can’t be fixed :frowning:


your background is not yet approved.


i’ve previewed it with the background before, it’s just that specific spot.


i’ll try that, thank you


oh, hmmm…I think it’s cuz too much people are using it at the same time.


no, that’s not it. I’ve been having this problem since march and it hasn’t been fixed