Can't preview overlays?

Hey so yesterday my Writer’s Portal was working fine but today I cannot work with my overlays in web previewer.
I have all the overlays coded correctly
But they don’t appear in the previewer

And the scale tool is all funky?

Anyone else having this problem??? any idea how to solve it???

I’ve already closed/reopened the portal, restarted my computer, and waited an hour before opening it and trying again

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take away both the & signs and replace them with the regular @ symbol. You can’t use an ampersand with overlays as far as I know.

no that’s def not it lol I use the & sign with overlay all the time (it’s how you can get them to loop or load up in sinc with characters)

Is this INT. BLACK - NIGHT? Overlays won’t show on this background.

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Really?!? omg thanks, I didn’t know that

Yeah not sure why though. You can upload a plain black background if you need the background to be black :slight_smile:

That’s so bizarre- I haven’t had problem doing that in the past!

That def resolved the issue tho, so thanks <3


You’re welcome :heart: