Can't preview story in "Create" tab without paying a pass

So for some reason, with one of my stories, I seem to be unable to preview in the “Create” tab without it asking me to use a pass. I’ve tried logging out and restarting the app multiple times, but this still persist. Does anyone else have this issue? I just reset my story progress, but I haven’t checked to see if that fixed the issue yet.

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I tried that before it happens sometome you need to go into the story and then out again. it shouldt cost a pass. or maybe I have just not noticed it does


I went in the story, and it took a pass from me.

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Mine has done this but doesn’t usually last long. I sent ina support ticket once and they seemed prepared to help me, but then it started working again.



You could try sending a support ticket?

Is it a Published story? :thinking:

It is.

Ohh okay, this is not much help, but since the story is published it will ask for a pass or theoretically it will, which is what it’s doing. So yeah, send a Support Ticket and the episode team should be able to fix it (hopefully)! Don’t forget to get your support ID from the app, you’ll need it to submit the form :smiley:

Sorry I’m not much help, but I hope it all works out! :two_hearts:

I’ve found that opening one (or two–sometimes it’s stubborn, probably because Episode :expressionless:) of the tutorials before opening my published stories fixes that issue.

Also, if you happen to have any unpublished stories, opening one of those first should also fix the problem.

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