Can't read a shared story link

So, I am trying to read someone’s story, but whenever I try, (Im on an ipad with the episode app installed) it says I need to open the link from an IOS or Android device even though i am on one.
It worked fine for me on my other ipad but I couldn’t install episode there so I am trying this one. Any help?

The person who sent you the link is an Android user?

I think this is an iPad only bug because it happens to me on mine too, and it has for a while now. The reason why you didn’t see it on your other iPad is because it isn’t installed so it never attempted to open it and therefore the message never switched over.

It’s definitely not just you but unfortunately I don’t think you can do anything to fix it unless episode fixes the bug. You could send in a ticket but if you do make sure you are really detailed and upload a screen recording of the issue.

It is an iPad bug. In Episode, an iPad doesn’t qualify as an IOS device. You have to use a phone, unfortunately.

It’s pretty annoying. Sometimes I want to preview my unpublished story to see how its speed is on an iOS device and it can’t accept the link in order to do so. Really frustrating. If it’s a valid device to use Episode on, then it should be supported all around. But alas… That logic is not really how Episode operates anyway. :woman_shrugging: