Can't read more episodes (solved)

What the … ??? It’s user story, not official. But somehow I should wait for opportunity to keep reading. How can I get rid of this messages???

UPD. Thanks for answers! Looks like I missed a lot🙃

I won’t close the topic in case some users (like me😅) find it useful.


It’s a feature available to all community writers.

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You need to wait until the time is over or use gems…

:grimacing::grimacing: This feature has been in the episode since while… I think you updated your app recently that’s why you see this feature this late…

So, there are two things in community story too, one is early-access, the author puts this when he/she recently released the chapter, with this one either you have to wait for one week or can access that while spending gems… And second one is skip-the-wait thing, its normally after the interval of 4 chapters, you have to either wait for the chapter to unlock or you have to unlock it with gems if you don’t want to wait…

Basically, this feature is added by authors and is not necessarily added in every community story, its totally author’s wish whether he/she want to use it to earn gems or not… But acc. To episode’s new algorithm, gems r imp. For ranking so many people r using this feature…


Thank you a lot :pray:t2: You were right, I updated the app just yesterday as I hadn’t been reading for 5-6 month because of no “pass-free” option.
Where can I find list of new app features, please?


There have been many updates…since there is some update every month either it is with clothes or in apps… There is no particular list of them in my knowledge…
There is shard feature added to the app recently, then fanmail option is added for android users, ios has fanmail, share moments, character expression feature i guess this is what they call it…
So their is not a list… But if you search about them here in search box, you’ll get many threads related to these updates

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Thank you for your help and time, I really appreciate it :pray:t2:

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No problem :relaxed::heart: you can pm me if you have any other doubt I’ll try to help :heart:

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