Can't remember the name of a story

I remember reading this story, but i dont remember it’s name.
It would be AWESOME if you could tell me what it was called?

It was about a girl named Naomi, who became a supermodel. She got married to a millionaire but he abused her, and if you chose to divorce him he ended up shooting you. It also ends with you loosing your bff. You could choose between two guys - the millionaire and another. I chose the other guy.
In season two - which went on with the other guy - you live in Africa with him, and your two kids. You’re also pregnant. In season two, the millionaires ex hunts you down and tries to shoot you, but your daughter throws herself in front of you and saves you.
It was written in the INK style

PLEASE HELP! I really LOVE that story.
If you could also tell me the author, it would be highly appreciated!

Thank You! <3

I’ve been trying to find this story too! By any chance, did you manage to figure out the name of the story name or even the author?

Hi, I need help trying to find a story so I am going to try and describe it best as I can.
its about a girl who is forced to marry her uncles friend but she runs away and meets mafia/gang leader and his name is Sage, I can only remember 1 scene from the story and its: the girl an Sage are in a hot tub and they are eating cupcakes and the icing gets on his chest and then she tries to clean it up. Im sorry but this is all I can remember as I read this story years ago. if you know or have read this story, please reply to this :slight_smile:

Bump as this sounds interesting ha ha ha

I have this issue as well. ive been trying for hours and yet i cant find this one story.
It was about this girl called vienna and a guy i think called either landon or riven (im not sure) but either way they shared a birthday and on there 16th (or 18th) birthday they found out there soulmate and it was eachother. there was a song that the boys mother sand to him ( vienna will come for you) but she died and now he lives with this guy he calls pops and somthing to do with a pink firetruck but i cant recall much more. any ideas?

Bump because I really wanna read it if I can find it :joy: