Can't save the episodes

I can’t save my episodes lately. Is there a problem with the episode writers portal? Do any of you guys have the same problem?

I have the same problem. For me it comes up a message saying “Unable to parse! Back up your script and try again!” I wonder why :confused:

Yeah I had that too.

Im having a similar problem. Everytime I click the the save button it does nothing and just doesn’t save. Tried everything! Reseting my laptop, signing out and then back in, deleting my search history but nothing works! Try that might work for you…


I would check to see if any errors pop up in my script because that can cause this problem

The same happend to me and I tried that too but nothing works…

No, no errors showed up nor were in the script.

I would fill out a tickets and inform Epsiode Admin

I have. But they can’t do anything at the moment. It totally sucks

Urrrrrrrrgggggggggg, this all sucks!

I Just did.


This error message pops up when your script is too large or contains a certain type of error. The best thing is to try some of these troubleshooting steps to resolve the error.

  1. Script is too large, so break it into another chapter.
  2. Reduce the number of overlays used to reduce the memory size.
  3. There’s an error in the script causing a reading problem.
    • example: you have a like like @transition to black in 1000000000000000000000000000 the large number will be translated into a number like 10log e when attempting to parse, which can’t be read.
  4. Your script contains a fatal error that doesn’t allow it to save (less common, and usually something very specific in the script).

If the error message still pops up after these steps, please submit a ticket with “Donacode Issue” in the title, and all your story & author information, here.

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Okay thanks!


The same thing is happening to me, I haven’t been on the writers portal for 2 months because of the problem, and nothing has changed!

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OMFG same. I haven’t been on since December because of it. Something needs to happen!

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What internet browser are you using? I was using internet explorer but yesterday I switched to chrome and know my episodes will save?

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I use safari on my Mac. But I have tried switching to chrome but it still doesn’t work for me

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It is happening to me too, at the morning I saved my episode just fine and now, I added there like 5 new lines a it doesntwant to save! I even tried to remove the new lines but that doesnt work


My chapters won’t save either! Won’t even come up with anything, just click the button multiple times and nothing happens. Haven’t published since September because of it. Episode team! A solution is needed!


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: