Can't search any stories

Only allows me to read featured stories, I can’t search for any other stories aside from what shows up on the home page. Help?


Send a support ticket to the episode team here:

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i cant search anything too. i’m getting tired of only reading the featured stories :frowning:

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Yeah it’s an issue that’s affecting a lot of people who have recently joined, episode will probably update and fix the problem :slight_smile:

Same issue here

Same problem here !

So , i had the same problem. But i read all of the ones that were there and i logged in everyday for 4 days. I think you have to use the app for a while so the features can unlock. I sent the ticket once and they emailed me saying they’re going to do an update soon.

I have this same problem, even though I’ve had Episode for about a week now (I also logged in everyday), I haven’t read all of the featured stories though. Do I just need to read all the featured stories?

I have the same problem for over 4 weeks now and I have used the episode app since the start and it’s so annoying it happened! But they say it will be fixed so we just have to cross fingers

Anyone get the update yet is it working