Can't see character and is in a bubble


Please help. I want my characters out of the bubble ( so you can see my whole character) and on the screen ( because now I only see there hands on the screen).


Your story is in spotlight format


It happened to me too but I fixed it


What you do is copy your script and paste it into a new story that is in cinematic format


Thank you for your answer but where can I change it in cinematic format?


When you make a new story


Or try typing: set to cinematic


You have to make a new story and make sure you don’t choose the spot light format. Right after you choose between Classic, INK, or Limelight, you will need to choose the cinematic format.


After starting a new story this pops up

You choose between Limelight, Ink, or Classic

Then this pops out

This is for the spotlight format which you have and probably don’t want so hit the arrow and this pops up

That’s what you want


Yes now you go to the characters who don’t have a bubble around them


Is it posible to change this in the story I already made? Because otherwise I loose my characters?


No, hun sorry


Thanks for your help !




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