Can't see errors? [FIXED]

So I was coding and uploaded an overlay. When I came back to the script and saved it, the errors were gone.? (The box were completely empty) I have tried to shut down explorer multiple times now, and it still won’t work. When the errors won’t show I can’t fix them, and if I can’t fix them my script won’t save :weary: :confused:

When I opened my other story, the script in that story were just fine, so I tried to open the script I had trouble with on another device and that still didn’t work. I also tried to log off of my account, but that was to no use.

Someone please help-

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Is it possible that your overlays haven’t been approved yet, and it’s showing you the overlay is not approved error?

I can’t see any errors. They won’t show.

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Maybe try to shut off your wifi and then turn it on again? Or maybe you fixed all of your errors…?

I fixed it :raised_hands: Thank you for trying to help :blob_hearts:

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