Can't see my overlays

Idk why I can’t see the overlays and can’t place them :woman_shrugging:
Here’s the script:

&MAX enters from left to screen right
@LUCAS enters from left to spot 1.181 72 32
&MAX faces left
@speechbubble is 181 222 to 100% with tail_top_left
LUCAS (talk_explain_neutral)
Now, what do you want to work on first?
&overlay ACCURACY2 create
&overlay GUN_HANDLING create
&overlay MUSCLES2 create
&overlay QUIET_STEPS create
&overlay REFLEXES2 create
&overlay ACCURACY2 opacity 1
&overlay GUN_HANDLING opacity 1
&overlay MUSCLES2 opacity 1
&overlay QUIET_STEPS opacity 1
@overlay REFLEXES2 opacity 1


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u need to add your overlay names to your background and the rest of the overlay commands.

But you can add overlays by doing the create command right? It’s worked before

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welll I havent tried that before but still u have to have the rest of the commands for it to show.

Like what commans?
I can’t shift or scale it :woman_shrugging:

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Only when you are duplicating your overlay. U add it along with the rest of the commands.

U need to put your overlay names with the background then go to the preview area to start getting your overlays in place.

Weird I literally never put the overlays to the backround cuz I never understood how it works. I always use the create command and it worked just fine before this :thinking:

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No, you can use the create command without adding it to the background name

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Well, iI havent tired that before, lol

really? Wow, I havent even tried it but ill give it a shot lol.

@Dara.Amarie is here now, so she’ll help on this one. :wink:

Can you help me with what the problem is?

@lanafrazer_episode thanks for trying to help tho :slightly_smiling_face:

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:+1:t3: :blush:

Do you want your overlays to be there in the beginning of the scene? If so you have to add the overlays before your characters enter and talk. Right now you cant see them because they don’t appear until after you tap the dialogue.

I fixed it now! I wanted them to appear after the dialouge.

But I just went with putting them with the background and then before the characters come, make the overlays invisible. And just put the opacity to 1 when I need them to be seen

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