Can't see my script in preview

I can’t see anything in my script preview after author’s intro. There is no error. So I don’t know what I did wrong.


I did. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

You need to be more specific in where your character’s coming from/going for the SE to understand. As of now the SE has no idea where AUTHOR’s coming or going so it can’t put it in there.

These are the position commands you can use

screen left
upscreen left
screen center
upscreen right
screen right

back far left
back left
back right
back far right

So in your script it would be like this,

@AUTHOR enters from left to screen center
The scene playing out.
@AUTHOR exits right


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You have warnings, if there are warnings those parts won’t show in the preview, but the preview will work.

You wrote enter/ exits wrong, and used something that looks like an outfit’s name as a character.

You need to use “@AUTHOR enters from right/ left to screen center” for entering the scene (use either right or left)

And for exiting:

@AUTHOR exits right/ left”

(Use either right or left)

And at the last two lines, you used outfits names, and you need to use characters’ names.
You also need to make the characters stand/ spot somewhere in the screen, not just make them do animations and face right or left.

I did try that first. At first I put @NOORI entering from screen left but it didn’t do anything so I changed to this. I can see my author coming and leaving but I cannot see other characters.

Can you pls tell me like what should I put? I mean if I put like entering from left screen then should I put like facing left or right? OR standing in center?

Thank you. So I should’ve put like entering from left or right then standing in center facing left or right. That way right?

So for this let’s talk about your warnings.
The first one is a warning because you didn’t properly word the script right. Instead of what you wrote there try this:
@AUTHOR enters from right/left to screen (position here) AND AUTHOR faces (direction here)

The second warning is also there because you didn’t word the statement right. So instead of what you wrote there try this:
@AUTHOR exits right/left

The 3rd and 4th warnings I don’t really get but I’m guessing you want them to change into the outfits so do this:
@NOORI changes into NOORI_beach
@ZOYA changes into ZOYA_swim wear

Then write:
@NOORI stands screen (postion here) AND NOORI is idle_rear AND NOORI faces left
@ZOYA stands screen (position here) AND ZOYA is idle_rear AND ZOYA faces right.

Hope this helped you and if it did then feel free to ask me further questions. :grin:

Thank you so much :grin:

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No problem. Feel free to ask me further problems if needed.


Did you write any story? I would love to read (play) it. :grinning:

I haven’t published any. But I’m writing one for the H&V contest. Hopefully I’ll finish it on time!

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Can you please tell me why am I seeing only upper body of my character? I mean it’s like a bubble and character is floating in the air. sorry for asking too many questions. I am new at this.

Of course not! Feel free to ask as many questions as you want, I won’t judge. :slight_smile: Can I have a picture of your error?

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This is because you have used the spotlight mode. So there is nothing wrong with your script, it’s just that you have written it in spotlight. So to change it you have to start all over and this time when you are given the option click this arrow:

And then click here:

And then copy your script and paste it into the script of your new story and you should be good to go.

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So I have to restart everything? Thank you so much. :grinning:

Yep restart it. But you just copy and paste so hopefully it won’t be too much work. Oh another thing you have to remake your characters and your outfits again.

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oh okay. Thank you so much

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