Can't see my story in the app (unpublished)

Hii, I’ve started writing a new story and am about 600 lines in, but cant view in the app witkout sending a link to myself. Is this a common issue or does it need more lines?

Also, bonus question: I have no option to buy VIP. Is this because the issues going on with it? (I play on andriod)


To view your own story, you click on the tab on left and click under Create
Once you click Create, all your unpublished or ongoing stories with an unpublished episode show up

As for VIP, it shows up for me but I use an IPhone to play. I’m not sure if Androids are having a problem with it not appearing in the app 🫣

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For me, if I’ve just created a story it takes a while to show up in the app. So if you’ve just created it, maybe wait a little while?

Oh i know all about it, as i was writing another story before the one im writing now, thank you! Im just wondering if the script needs to be a certain length for me to view on the app

Yea, im thinking that. Ive read some forums that said its needs to be a certain length to see it in app and sometl that say otherwise.

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I saw it my newer story, Deathly Wish, right after I created it without anything being coded :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. Maybe it’s different for everyone I’m not sure?

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It needs to be at least 400 lines.

You also need to have a min of 3 chapters before it will show up, i created the extra two chapters when I had over 400 lines and it appeared for me

stories that were created before these new requirements will still appear even if its got 1 chapter but any new ones wont appear until 400 lines and 3 chapters

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Thanks for all the info guys!

if u haven’t published it u wont see it on the app, u need a minimum of three ep stories ready so u can post ! i hope u got it figured out <3