Can't see my story on app


Hey! I started a new story on my computer. When I sign to “create” in Episode app I can’t see him! I saved him of course and can find him on the writing web. I only see another stories of mine on the app (not published, in the “create” shelf.) But not the new one ! :frowning: i’m worried! Please help me! :frowning:


What story style? It will only show up in the create section if it’s in INK. Also if you started writing the first chapter it would come in playable stories.


Story’s style is ink
I also wrote 2 other ink stories who also have just a one unfinished episode (:joy:) but they -are- shown on “create” shelf

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Huh well idk know then…


Yeah it’s pretty weird but thanks anyway!

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This is currently happening to me, too. I submitted a ticket to the support team and am still awaiting a response.


Unfortunately, this is the result of a recent update. I think I’m just going to copy and paste 400 lines of


to get my story on the app. The web previewer doesn’t work for me, so the app is my only hope for previewing my story.


Oh… Okay at least it’ll be shown somehow! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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Still have the problem :[