Can't seem to get my characters in the right layer

No matter what I do I seem to keep having my characters in the wrong layer. I’m trying to get Wyndell to walk across the room in front of everyone else, but she keeps walking behind EX 2

@zoom on 160 284 to 100% in 0
@speechbubble is 164 421 to 100%
@GRAHAM faces left AND EX 2 faces right AND LEXIE spot 0.738 174 223 AND LEXIE is stand_up AND LEXIE spot 0.651 156 256 AND STUDENT 8 spot 0.645 106 259 AND WYNDELL walks to spot 1.037 396 41 AND WYNDELL does it while walk_neutral
@GRAHAM is talk_suggest AND EX 2 is talk_apathetic AND LEXIE is talk_excited
@pause for a beat
@DAVID is talk_airquotes AND STUDENT 3 is talk_arms_crossed_loop AND STUDENT 8 is laugh_chuckle
@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat
&EX 2 moves to layer 1
&STUDENT 3 moves to layer 0
&WYNDELL moves to layer 2
@WYNDELL walks to screen right in zone 1 AND WYNDELL does it while walk_neutral_offset_hold_cupcake

Try taking out the & and use @ instead.
I hope this helped.:slightly_smiling_face:

This may sound like a weird question but where is EX 2 standing on the screen? For example is @EX 2 stands screen right?

Try @CHARACTER moves to layer 17 or something high so he/she is in front