Can't seem to login to my episode account on IOS

In the month of March 2018, my Samsung Galaxy s5 Neo broke by water, On that phone, I had my episode account which has a really successful story, in my opinion at least. 2 Months later (May) I got a IPhone 6s Plus and I downloaded episode straight away so i could make my edits again and all that stuff. When logging into my account… It came up with errors like “This account is associated with another platform”, I really want to get back to writing. Not only that, a few hours ago, I went on my Galaxy tab and logged in, works but i can’t update my story because it lags for every new beat I add. And i can only use hand held devices to write because its so much more easier and so much less complicated! Please help! I really would like to update!!!

I think what it meant by platform was it will only work on android now. Did you log back in with a google account or Facebook?

It’s not possible to transfer your data from android to IOS and vice versa :confused:

To be completly sure, just ask an admin :smile:

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Can confirm: transfers between IOS and android are not possible. :frowning:

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I logged back in with Google

:pensive: It would’ve really been nice if it was possible.

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