Can't someone give me ideas

Hey guys I want to write a story I have and idea but I do not know if you like it… can you guys give me some ideas… My idea is like to make it about this girl that everybody in school like make fun of her and she likes this bad boy that is cool but he makes fun of her two… And the idea has a little twist… Tell me your opinions??

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Why doesn’t she get like a glow up over the summer or something and everyone is like woahhh (Like, this is kinda a generic idea, I think maybe you shouldn’t do a story based in high school because there r like 1 million other stories like that, but that’s just my idea u know?)

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Yess I know what your saying and I agree with you… Lets change the high school thing :grin:

Well I can help I guess lol. What would u want ur story to be about , and what is ur main characters personality?

Well I have two ideas the first one is about a shy girl with a twist… the 2 is about a girl that in her job everybody laugh of her for being ugly and has a twist 2…

I like the idea, but I do think it needs to be worked on, as to not make it cliche (sorry if that sounds rude). Maybe there could be a twist within herself that makes her insecure about what she looks like and it could be a journey of her becoming exactly like everyone else? Then maybe someone could give her a reality check that she’s not herself anymore? I’m not sure, but it’s just an idea :blush: Maybe try brainstorming a bunch of your ideas on a piece of paper, it might help.

Edit: I really like the job idea and maybe she could get a new found confidence about herself after something happens? You could take a few ideas from the movie ‘I Feel Pretty’?



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