Can't upload large cover!

I got a large cover commissioned. I saved it as a png and reduced the file to less than 1MB (something like 799KB), and when I upload it to the writer’s portal, it says that it’s apparently “1.14mb”. Even though my computer says 799KB. I tried making the cover smaller, and reducing it again - reduced to to 384KB… guess what the writer’s portal says… that it’s still 1.14MB!

What’s going on?

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Try just making the ss smaller

I had this issue, and to be completely honest I have no memory of how I fixed it. Have you tried renaming the file?

U need to rechange the size.

I fixed it by making it into a jpeg and just making it a lot smaller and setting the quality to “9” in photoshop. That seemed to work…
When I made the pngs smaller, it didn’t work at all.

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