CAPITAL STUDIOS -- The Marvel of Episode!

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Welcome to Capital Studios! The studio dedicated to bringing more Marvel-like stories to the Episode Interactive platform!

Some of you may recognize this idea from the original thread by @TheTurtleTrainer, and I very much recommend that you check out that thread as well:

I’m creating this topic on behalf of @TheTurtleTrainer who is unable to at the moment.

How does this work?

This question might be on a lot of your minds – so here is your answer:

Capital Studios is a studio/franchise/company where we will gather together a group of committed authors and storytellers to create stories within the action/superhero genre.

There will be a studio account of the Episode app called “Capital Studios” where crossovers between two universes would be published. However, if you are just wishing to create a story and submit it to Capital Studios – feel free to! All of the user stories will be published on your own respective account – and Capital Studios will add your story to the “Recommended Stories” section of our profile.

I hope that this makes sense – here is another explanation of the way things will work:

How to apply

There are two different positions that you can apply for. The first is a capital studios writer. This is basically someone who has published a story – and is promoted by and is a part of the Capital Studios extended universe.

Then, there are image editors. These are the users of Capital Studios who will create covers, overlays, backgrounds and possibly even art scenes for the writers and such.

Writer application:

Please, only submit your story if it is in the hero/villain/superhero theme. Anything that doesn’t follow the basis of this plot structure – won’t be accepted.
Also, please note, if your story gets accepted by Capital Studios once – that does not mean that all of your stories that follow will be a part of the studio. If you wish to apply on behalf of more than one story – you must submit different applications.

Image editor application:


Quick note for the image editors: if you specialize in only limb overlays/overlays – please only fill out the questions that are in the general idea of what you specialize in.
The same applies to the users who are applying due to their editing skills – and specialize in that particular area.

Your Stan Lee!

Who is the creator of this project you may ask? The honor goes to @TheTurtleTrainer! She is the Stan Lee of this project – and is currently writing a story with an Anti-Hero MC, and if all goes according to plan, might just be one of the first stories to be in Capital Studios


How will crossovers be done?: Crossovers between two stories will be published via the studio account on the Episode app. The authors that wrote the original stories – both have to agree that they wish for this crossover to happen – and each will contribute to the story.

Can I create crossovers between my own stories?: Yes! If you have two stories that both exist in the Capital Expanded Universe – they can indeed be featured in a crossover story.

When will there be an application for crossover stories?: Once there are a few stories released under Capital Studios – we will open up an application for crossover stories. Please note: that all of the respective authors must be in on the project. You can not use the author’s characters and such, without their permission.

How do both authors pitch in on crossover stories?: There are two different ways this can be done. The first is when both authors decide that they want their stories to be featured in a crossover. Both of these respective authors will pitch into the project – and create this crossover. The second way is for one author to get permission from another author – to use the likeness of their characters. If this author agrees to this – you can then write a crossover story – featuring those characters. Both authors can pitch in as much as they are comfortable with.

Do my stories have to be published under the studio account?: No. Only crossover stories will be featured on the Capital studio account. The studio account – will, however, feature your story in the “recommended stories” section of the profile.

Any other questions you may have – feel free to leave below!

Contact Us: – contact this email for any business related questions or concerns about the studio.
@CapitalStudios – Capital Studios official forums account. Feel free to message for any forums/company related questions or concerns about the studio.
@captital.studios.ep – Capital Studios official Instsgram page.
@turtletrainer.episode@TheTurtleTrainer’s Instagram page. Feel free to contact her if you have any personal questions.
@brooke.johnson.ep@Brooke_Johnson’s Instagram page. Feel free to contact me if you have any personal questions.
Capital Studios – on the Episode app.

Thank you so much for stopping by and feel free to ask as many questions as you need :two_hearts:


Hi! This seems so cool and I appreciate you love Marvel as much as I do…I am obviously signing up!!


Submitted a writer form!


I submitted an image editor form! Can’t wait for this to start! :heart:


Did you watch all the marvel movies?? :crazy_face:

(Random question…I did…I know you’re not supposed to :sweat_smile:)


YES (except for like the super super old ones). I’m a die hard Marvel fan, lol. I have a whole Marvel character book


Submitted a app. to write. c:


I have a story for this,
aka I have a two paragraph summary in prompt book for this.

sO I assume I should make more progress before submitting my story ?

Suggestion: @TheTurtleTrainer should make Stan Lee cameos in all the stories c;


You can work on it, but on the app. make sure to put the date you expect to publish it.


Yes, as @Limee_Vanilla said – I think it would be best if everyone had an approximate release date for the story before submitting. We just don’t want a lot of submissions that end up not being made into actual stories :slightly_smiling_face:


I love the old comics and the new movies!


since it’s still under progress, is it fine if I don’t include some aspects such as the title ?

or should I wait until it has progressed enough to have all the basic elements before submitting ?


the Marvel Cinematic Universe is awesome. I haven’t read many comics but I kinda want to get into that now.

I have no idea where to find them and which issues to read though.


It should be fine to enter atm – as it won’t hurt anything. Just notify me or @TheTurtleTrainer when there is more of a structured plot and such =)


i filled the form for writers post.


Yes, @TheTurtleTrainer should make Stan Lee cameos! Lol I live for those parts in the movies


I know right! Like in Thor Ragnarok, he cuts his hair like crazy :joy::joy:


YESSS! With the giant razor too :smiling_imp:


I love Marvel and not really DC cause Dc is dark


Yasssss! I love Thor…my favorites are probably the Avengers, Black Panther, and Guardians Of The Galaxy AND ant man!