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Captives of War

An RP by TheBluGeek .:. Inspired by The Scorpion’s Rules

You are the heir to a kingdom of one of the Seven Controlled Continents, making you someone quite influential depending on which kingdom you rule. However, life isn’t luxury and fun, no, no, no. It is controlled and strict with many rules to follow. Why is this so? Aren’t you royalty? Shouldn’t you have free reign and rule of all you touch?

No. You are a Captive of War also known as a Child of Peace. You see, long ago, a man named Talis created a system to ensure global war never break out again after World War III devastated the globe. He called it the Children of Peace and the idea was simple. All kingdoms must hand over their firstborn to be held hostage in an institute until they were 18 and then they would be allowed to rule! However, you could not rule a kingdom without having a Child of Peace so the cycle would continue.

Being a Child of Peace isn’t all too bad luckily. You have many luxuries and you get to visit your kingdom and family from time to time of course. The education is absolutely exquisite and includes many of the finest scholars from around the globe! But you are always at risk. You see, the thing that made sure global war never broke out was that if your kingdom declared war on another kingdom… well, that heir would die.

That was the price. The heir’s death for a war. A price not many were willing to risk or take even as resources and land run low. After all, what use was a war if their child was gone? However, some are ready to take such a risk… and others are beginning to consider it.

As a Child of Peace, you’ll have to be wary of your death as well as your fellow Children. Perhaps romance await you or simply drama as tensions between some kingdoms begin to run higher than ever. Whatever happens, remember… you all share one simple detail. You are all Captives of War.

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I will be making a relationship chart so if you do/don’t want a certain relationship, please add it to your sign ups! The relationships spot on your sign ups is for relationships you have with another character ~

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There are limited spots (only 7 left) so take them while you still can!



reserve for the Elysian Empire Please!!


Reserve for The Corless Isles. This RP looks really cool!


Name: Mary Beth Adams
Kingdom: The Wyndsire Province
Age (6-17): 8
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Biography: Mary Beth had a great life. Her parents were wealthy, and they were able to provide fancy clothes and all Mary Beth and her four other sisters what they wanted. On the birthday of Mary Beth’s sister, Elizabeth’s, 6th birthday, their father passed away due to a heart attack. This made Mary Beth barely talk, and she would only draw and write, shutting everybody out.
Personality: As said in her biography, Mary Beth’s father passed away, which caused her to shut out everyone. Now, Mary Beth only likes writing and drawing things. She’s very quiet, but will speak her mind if needed.
Extra Info:


Reserve…for windsyre


Ok here’s my sign up.

Name: Samantha Summers
Kingdom: The Corless Isles
Age (6-17): 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Biography: She was never really close to her parents. They always put pressure on her and just never cared about her too much. Especially after her younger siblings were born. Samantha truly believes that her parents don’t really care about her and that her parents don’t want her to rule, but instead have one of her younger siblings rule instead, not even caring what happens to her.
Personality: She is in many ways what someone would say is the perfect princess. But in many ways she is not, she loves doing the same things that normal people would do, even being a bit of a tomboy while still being girly. She is as kind and loyal as a person can be, unless you cross her. If you cross her she will no longer be loyal or very nice to you. She loves art and music, but also loves things like archery and sword fighting. She tries to stay prim and proper around people she doesn’t know, but around friends she is completely herself, and just lets loose and has fun.


Thank you for all the reserves so far, I’ll update the docs soon!

And Kate, Wyndsire has been taken already, I’m sorry!


Is the second kingdom taken?

Edit: Cecked it up and it’s called Alyse-Lorin. :slight_smile:


I’m really sorry im in a hurry AND I CANT SKIP THIS HOLY THINGGGGG RESERVE IF NOT :sob:


Which kindoms are available?


Then I will take Alyse lorin @TheBluGeek


Reserve for the Danielle Principality


May I reserve for The Gorland Nation?


Name: Waylon Taylor
Kingdom: The Gorland Nation
Age (6-17): 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Demisexual
Biography: When Waylon was younger, his twin brother Oliver passed away. He had jumped out a high window and fallen to his death. This scarred Waylon a bit, as he watched as his brother plummet to the ground and slam into the concrete. This caused him to be the technical firstborn, even if his brother was born a minute earlier than him. He began to blame himself for what happened, and somewhat blamed the whole system as well.
Personality: Waylon can’t help but be suspicious of others. He’s always worried that they might have bad intentions when associating with him, especially in these circumstances. Also, due to what he experienced with his brother, he is afraid of getting close to people. He is shy and reserved as an acquaintance, but if you really get to know him he can be talkative and seem a lot happier.

Extra Info: His natural hair colour is an orange-ish brown, but he commonly dyes it a platinum blonde.


reserve for the veryllian nation


Name: Ashley Stone
Kingdom: Alyse Lorin
Age (6-17): 14
Gender: Girl
Sexuality: Straight
Biography: pm
Personality: pm
Face-claim: pm
Extra Info: she has a crystal neclace
Relationships: none, yet


Can I reserve still?

Reserve for the Darlile Principality.


@Kate_Potter Sorry! That kingdom has already been taken!

@Surface_Hyena57 I’m really sorry… all the spots have been taken!


Then what are the kingdoms left?