Car interior and overlays needed - HELP PLEASE!

Hey guys, I am the author of Going Home, and I was wondering if anyone had any cool car overlays Or any car interiors with a seat over lay so I can put character in the back. It would be a MASSIVE help !!!xx

Moved to Art Resources since it’s for overlays. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics, and feel to ask me if there are any questions. :wink:

Hey! I have a car interior that comes with an overlay for the front and back seat. Please credit me as my Instagram: @Turtle_Cat71.

Hey, just wondering if you could send a link to Art resources ? :blush:

Thank you :grin:

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You’re in Art Resources. Go up to the top of the page where the title is, and the link to Art Resources is underneath that. :wink:

Oh, Thank you soooo much, i’m new to this :neutral_face::rofl:

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Ok, so, This is gonna sound real stupid - but - I’m really not sure what to do, if you don’t mind me asking :sweat_smile:

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