Car on fire Overlays?!?

Can someone find or possibly make me a car on fire overlay i want the car to be belly up! I am willing to pay :slight_smile:

wdym belly up? and what kind of car

the underpart of the car is up. like the car is upside down lol

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oh i can do that, do you already have a car to use?

i do not but im not too picky!

i dont want it to look too realiztic i want it to look like an episode car!

okay i can find one

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thank you so much!

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nvm i found it too hard to remove the bg from the fire maybe ask @CowNia

but this is how far i got



I tried haha mine sucks tho, I just added flames I got inspired by Kieran :sweat_smile:




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How do i save these as overlays to where the background isnt white?

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The overlays shouldn’t be white. They should be transparent.

Well the one I posted is 100% transparent, it doesn’t have a white background, did you click on the picture first then click download?