Car overlay and car interior background requests

I’m looking for car overlays. I want the view to be a side view like the cars you see that Episode have as an overlay. And car interior background!

Can anyone help me please? Credit will be given!

Here’s som examples of what I’m looking for: 963f4818107d4159ca7f9929b24ef56b



What type of car are you looking for?

Something like the images I posted above. Ones a toyota 4runner and the other one is a BMW

Here are some. I’m working on the car interior background now!




These are awesome! Thanks you! I can’t wait to see the interior backgrounds!

I think this one is an Episode owned one!


These are from smg.episode!

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Also do you think you could do one at the car overlay angle?

Do you know if there’s one of just the front seats? Sorry if I’m being picky!

Can I use this one? If so who should I credit?

Yeah you can, the top is Episode’s I believe, and the very last one is smg.episodes!

They aren’t my backgrounds, they are smg.episodes/ Episodes I believe

Does that mean that they are free to use or?

@shellyg’s BGs are not be shared or redistributed. You can use the one by Episode, but not @shellyg’s.

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Which one is episodes?