Car overlay is facing the wrong direction

Hey guys what’s up? I need help! My car overlay is facing the wrong direction is there anyway to get it to face the direction that I want? Please respond asap THANK YOU!!

Have you tried @overlay NAME faces (direction here)

Uhhh no I have not

Hmmm, you could try that?

It didn’t work

Then your probably going to have to switch the overlay around to the other direction and upload it in that direction

How do I do that?

Send me the overlay, and tell me which direction and I’ll do it if you’d like

okay thank you!

I gotta find it real qucik

kk. sounds good

i need the truck to face the other dirction


THANK YOU SOOO MUCH you are a life saver

Lmao, your welcome :wilted_flower:

FYI for future reference, if you want your overlay to face a different direction:

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Ohhh thank you so much! On your instagram, how did you do the mirror thing?

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