Car overlay needed ASAP

I’m looking for a car overlay, a luxurious expensive looking one. I want the view to be a side view like the cars you see that Episode have as an overlay.

Can anyone help me please? Credit will be given :smile:

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I could try to make it for you. Tell me if it works. When I give it to you!

Thank you!

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Tell me if this works. If it’s not good or something is wrong, just tell me!

It’s a good car!
Except I wanted the angle to be the ones they have on Episode.
Not sure if you know?

If you see the car overlays on Episode, they have a side angle

Can you show me an example?

The view looks like this :smile:

Oh. Okay. I’ll try! Do you need a specific color?

Also if it’s not too much to ask, do you think you can change the style of the car? Maybe something that represents more of a jeep, range rover?

In a white please!

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I’ll try! I’ll see what I can do.

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Is this okay? I’ll edit it, of course but the type of car and color.

That’s perfect! :heart:

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I’d this okay? If not tell me what I need to do again!

Yay! Thanks!

Can you straighten the front wheel?

Honestly if you can’t then you don’t have to!

No, no I’ll do it right away!

How’s that? If it’s not good, just tell me.

Thank you!

Forgot to ask if you made the windows of the car transparent so the characters are behind it?

The front wheel to be straightened out?