Car overlay needed


Can someone give me a fancy car overlay please?


What the front of it or just the car


Episode Diamonds would love to provide one for you :heart::gem:


HEre you go



Thank you…this is very appreciated


Your welcome and if you want put @magic.episode the end


Can I have one with the side view


Sure I’ll look into it


What with a mirror in


Like at the front of the car


Yes thank you






If it needs resizing just ask


Ok thanks very much


These images are not Episode safe and will be rejected. That car is a BMW and is trademarked. Please be sure that every background/ overlay you use in your story is commercially safe. If it gets pass the review team you could face legal charges. It’s always a good idea to run your images in a reverse image search to find the origin. If it does not say “Commercially safe” then you can’t use it. Just because an image is on Google does not make it safe.


Ok I was very confused on how the process worked so I apologise on my behalf


Hey have you finished my art scene?