Car overlay not showing up help!

My car scene isn’t working i need some help

Can I see your script??

By previewing, go to spot directing -> move overlay -> try moving the overlay so it shows up on the screen -> place where you want to put it -> copy and paste the spot directing of the overlay:)

If this is not the case and you have like a blank box without the overlay in it, try refreshing your page and viewing it again:)

:dizzy: Hope this helped! :dizzy:

Thanks i’ll try

um I tried what you told me but um it goes straight to be continued.



So you can pause the story for a sec and try finding your overlay

ok i’ll try

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lmk how it goes!

um im still having trouble

Um i tried what you said and i got this!

Try layer 30, that’s enough, right?

I don’t know if this will help, but try adding:
@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER opacity 1 in 0

k i’ll try

i’ll try

It didn’t work

it didn’t work can you fix it for me

it didn’t work can you fix it for me pls

Okay wait a sec :+1:t4:

Wait but what’s the problem that you’re having??