Car overlays for you guys


I made a bunch of car overlays and i just thought i’d share them with you guys.
image image image image image image


They look amazing


thank you


Awesome! I might use them in my upcoming story and I’ll make sure to credit you!


okay, if you do use @D. Dash




image image
here are some more


thank you :smile:


Hi! I was wondering if I could borrow one of your car overlays? Definitively Will credit you!


Of course you can!


Thank you so much! It won’t let e click on the car to save it! And how should I credit you??


Just put @D. Dash and i’ll pm them to you.


Which color do you want


And if you ever need an overlay, cover or splash you can come to me!


Ok noted! When you pm can you send the credit name as well! Just to be double safe. And noted girl will definitely seek you out! The maroon color one; deep red the one you posted next to the orange one.


Hi is there any way you could make me a car overlay. I need a side view and could it be a different car model please?