Car tyre moves with overlay

This type of directing is super hard but if someone could help, I would be forever grateful!

At the moment I have my car overlay with a background loop. It looks as though the car is moving but the tyres/wheels are not and it just looks weird.

Is there anyway someone could help me so that the car wheels/tyres are also rotating to make it look real?

I will send you a picture of the car if you can help.

Thanks a lot!! I will give credit in my story!

&overlay OVERLAYNAME rotates degrees anchor point .5 .5 in s then overlay OVERLAYNAME rotates degrews anchor point .5 .5 in s loop INFINITE times

I could be slightly off since I’m doing this off the top of my head, but this is the basic formatting of rotating overlays.

This also assumes your wheel overlays are separate from the car itself.

Thank you Winter!

Do you think you could make this car wheel into an overlay? Just the first wheel at the front.

I’ll try my best :slight_smile:


Definitely not my best work, but here it is cut out:

Edit: I redid it lol

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Winter you are so helpful on these forums I love when I click on a new post and you’re helping people. I just wanted to comment that. Thank you for helping this community :))

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It’s my pleasure, thank you for the comment! I appreciate it so much to know people are happy with my help :relaxed::heart:

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Thank you sooo much for the help Winter!! You’re an absolute gem! :gem:

Hey winter, do you think you could make this car tyre into an overlay like you did with the previous car?

Thank you !

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Thanks Winter!

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