Cara's Outfit Request/Idea Thread

Outfit creating taking up your valuable writing time? Well, worry no longer! I love procrastinating and will make any outfit in INK or LL. Just give me a brief description of their style, what scenario the outfit is for, and how many samples you would like. A screencap or list of character details is helpful. Don’t be afraid to tell me you hate it lol. I can make another. also if you have cool outfits yo just want to share you can post them here.

(please NO clasic requests)

Hey @Cara_writer!
I have a similar thread like this, and was wondering if maybe you would like to work together and have our own Outfit Request thing. If anyone requests Classic Styles I could do them. Email me at if you have any interest in doing this with me or just message me here.:grin:

I was curious if you got my email a few weeks ago because I was having internet problems.

Let me check

No, I didn’t. Sorry. :woman_shrugging:

I’m so sorry! I was just saying that I was interested in working with you and was wondering how you wanted to set up the thread.

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Um…I don’t know. Do you want to make up a partner name?

If you have any good ideas I’d love to hear them. If not we could just call it Cara and Berry’s Outfit Thread.

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That’s fine I guess. Not like I have any better ideas. :joy:

Perfect! Do you want to make it or should I?

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I guess I can.