Carissa's overlay request thread -DISCONTINUED FOR NOW-

Hi everyone! This is an overlay request thread I decided to make for any authors, editors or any other Episodians that need overlays. Please follow the request format before asking for any overlays. I’ll try to get through them if I can. Please remember I have a life outside of all of this and may get distracted.

PSA: Any overlays you request can only be the characters themselves and not objects such as a cup. I can do limbs, full-body, and facial expressions. I won’t do any object overlays.



From my stories:


Request format

Number of characters*
Character details*
Any special features (freckles, tattoos, piercings, etc.)
Any specific outfit you want to use?
Style - drawn (traced over and shaded) or regular (Regular is the DEFAULT style, so if you don’t specify which style you want, I will use the default)

text with ‘*’ means that it is required


Just a question, this is like a custom pose shop right?

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2 characters
Male:Flirt wink, Female:primp/Male on left side of screen facing Female and Female on right side of the screen facing male
Male:Toffee,Thin arch eyebrows,short cropped hair black, stoic almond white eyes,Defined triangle, Button nose,uneven mouth
Any special features: neck tattoo, earring, eyebrow ring, arm tattoo
Style - drawn (traced over and shaded) or regular ( Regular is the DEFAULT style, so if you don’t specify which style you want, I will use the default )

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Female:Toffee,Defined natural eyebrow,Beach wave black, round bold eyes green, soft heart,soft natural nose, full round lips scarlet.

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For the most part, but I accept other overlay requests.

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do you have other examples apart from the other one shown above?

wow i’m definitely saving this for later , you’re amazingg <3

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1 female - INK
Arms crossed angry
Skin color - light
Eyebrows - seducive arch
Nose - Elven
Eyes - Upturned feline - Auburn
Hair - Fishtail braid - plantinium blond
Lips - Full round - Crimson
Face shape - soft heart
Can she have a massive scar across her face? From left eye to corner of her mouth
And the Drawn style.


thank you!

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i do, actually, i’ll try and find them in my files

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sure, i’ll get started on this.

thank you, i’ll be sure to start this.

also, is there any specific outfit you want to use for the characters?

is there any specific outfit you’d like me to use for the characters?

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The One she (the blond One) is wearing here.
If you can’t really tell, the top is a black lace bustier

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Hi I was wondering if my art cover is done yet?

this is an overlay request thread, i don’t do covers, sorry. but if you still wanted the overlays, i’ve been working on them.

Oh okay sorry and sure