Carriage Overlay Needed!


Hello! I’m writing a Medieval story and I want an overlay of a carriage interior that has a window that you can see through (I’m planning on using a looping background!), so if anyone has one they would like to share please send it to me! I will give credit if wanted and thank you!!


@epsd.ama can you help her out?


Oh my god, I have one, I had to crop it, but I don’t know if it suits you, I was going to use it, but I don’t need it now.


You can use this one. I drew it myself so I’d appreciate it if you gave me credit. (O.Bere) You can edit it if you’d like.


Oh, this is beautiful! @elg200 you should most definitely use this one! I see the hard work put in there and it’s is absolutely amazing!


Wow that is so amazinggg


Thank you.


I appreciate it thank you.


I’m gonna use this one and I’ll definitely give credit! TYSM! <3


You’re welcome.