Cartoon Animal Crushes


So I’m currently watching The Lion King, and I was weirdly attracted to Simba as an adult when I was little…I was just wondering if y’all ever had any crushes on cartoon animals? Like Disney/Dreamworks etc animals. Another example of mine is Beast from Beauty and the Beast.

I’ve seen memes about it that are like ‘Having a crush on Disney animals when I was a kid’ and i could relate.

I’m not a furry and I don’t still have a crush on them but I did as a kid

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i think thats how furries work


haha i’m not a furry lmao


i was talking about animals


Lol sorry! I misread it!


I think it’s because disney and all those make animals human-like and manly lol


haha no problem


I think it was coz you mentioned Beast and I only read the last line lol.


Ahh well do you know what I mean, though? I know it sounds weird but Disney has a magical way of making Simba or Robin Hood attractive


I love them too. You aren’t the only one. Though I am not crushing on them but I love them yeah… Disney is the best!


no no I used to have a crush on them, when I was a kid, not now lmao


Lol good cuz that would be a little weird. Though I love weird.