🔒 Cass’ Digital Art shop! (Now a model thread) (INK) [MODEL FORM ATTACHED]


Okay thats brill thank you!


I actually am closed for cover requests right now, but I’m open for pfp. :grin:


Hi can i make a pfp request?


Yep! But I have a little bit of a wait list so hope you’re not in a rush :blush:


No i’m not,would u like me to send the details now?


Up to you. I might not get to yours in a week or two (ik such a long time) because I only do art on the weekends, but sure! You can send them now if you want!


Ok i’m lazy sooooooo i am going to send the details to u next week


@Unique_911 so I tried something different… I hope you like it!!


@Chicken_Nugges I decided to take a short break from requests (by ‘short’ I mean do an edit in between my requests) but I thought… I can do a two in one! I was going to start in tomorrow’s inktober prompt, but I can do your request by creating an edit for you but also doing what I want to do! If you would like to jump to the top of my waitlist, please send the deets (screenshot of your character)






Ok I will like to have a pfp.

(Ink girl)


Brows:Mature Round

Hair:straight (chestnut)

Eyes: Upturned bold (Brown)



Lips:Full Round (pulm)


Cloud glasses


Thanks! (P.S what are ‘Cloud Glasses’? I’m confused)


image theses are cloud glasses


I’d like to request a PFP if possible:

Pose: Can you do a custom pose? If so can she be sitting on a desk or bed holding a stuffed animal tightly?
Clothes: Teal Blue Beach Romper
Emotion: Sad


Ok! I’ll add them!


Sure! Do you have a specific background in mind?


@Jadlyss I see you have requested the same thing elsewhere :thinking:


Oh, I’m sorry! I really just wanted to add one for the start of my story, then the end :joy:
As well as adding it to my google drive/link.tree


Oh ok. So u still want me to make it?