Cass’ (kind of) OUTLINE CONTEST #3!




Here’s my entry hope you like it.

P.s your outline is beautiful

My Entry


Ahhh so beautiful!! Thank you!


Guys, so far, you guys are doing my outline great justice! @PerplexedJam, @puma, @Kamorie1027, @Rac5hel, @MagixQueenie


Why is everybody darn good😂


Here’s mine. It not as good as a lot of the other ones on here. Everyone did such a good job and the outline is beautifully drawn. image


Omg I love it! Thanks so much for entering!


Unfortunately due to my busy schedule I will not be able to enter :pensive: I’m sorry x


Ah, thats ok. Thanks for trying tho!



Should I also color the other outline or should I make a new drawing with the same elements?


Damn, this is gorgeous :heart_eyes: was about to ask you how you do your shading but hen I realized I’m litteraly in a group about that with you, lol


Omg! It’s so beautiful! And for your question, it would be preferred if you made a new art piece with the same elements so the judges and I can see your creativity, but it’s up to you, hun!


Ikr! It’s so pretty! But so was your entry, yours was absolutely flawless as well!


Is this outline contest still on?


Yes it is!


When is the deadline? Sorry I may have misread as I didn’t see it


It’s ok! It’s November 1 rn, but I’m debating if I should push it back a little later so people have more time to enter


I unfortunately only have until the end of October to complete it as I’m getting ready to go on a trip, so I may give you my entry earlier.


That’s totally fine! You can enter it whenever you want between now ant the deadline!


Heyy!! I really like the idea of this all, I really want to join but I am busy with school, damn. But I want to join the next one if you start another one after this. Will you tag me that I will not forget it?