🔒 Cassandra’s Holiday Art Contest! Art Contest #4 (WINNERS HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED)


Um why are you so good! And how do you make gliiter work so well?!


The questions I’ve always asked myself :exploding_head:






@Killerfrost You surely make the background look so good. :heart_eyes:

@Cassandra_Dean OMG there are so many beautiful entries coming in this contest and i’m not quite sure if either mines going to get a position or will make it to the deadline.I ain’t getting time for itttt.


Absolutely beautiful! :heart_eyes:


Oh my god, this is also amazing! See, Froste, don’t undermine yourself! :no_mouth::heart_eyes:



Unfortunately your entry was DECLINED. Please go over the Rules and Conditions to ensure your spot in the contest.

Rules and Conditions
  1. Celebrations| I know some of you may celebrate different holidays during this time such as Christmas, Hanukkah, etc; so when you see an entry and you don’t necessarily agree with their beliefs, please don’t be rude or call them out for it. You will be flagged and any entry you enter will automatically be disqualified.

  2. Plagiarism| Guys, I’m disappointed that I even have to address this, but any form of plagiarism will not be tolerated on this thread. I’ve had a few encounters with issues like this (not calling anyone out, but you know who you are) where art was cropped and claimed as their own and I will say this: You will be disqualified, banned from entering any contests I hold in the future and banned from requesting from me (if I open my requests again) I take issues like this very seriously.

  3. Drama| No drama at all, thanks!

  4. Theme| I don’t mean to be rude at all, but as this is a Holiday Art Contest, your entry must be Holiday themed, otherwise, it will not be considered.

  5. Deadline| This contest is going to run on for longer than usual to ensure that everyone who wants to enter gets a chance to enter: December 25

  6. Password| Family

  7. All work must be your own| Adding onto the idea of plagiarism, all work must be your own, you cannot request from anywhere or use a friends’ art and enter it into the contest. You also cannot steal ideas from other contestants. If I find out this has been done, your entry will be disqualified

  8. Promotion| Guys, please help promote this thread… I know I’ve said this on every other thread of mine, but if I don’t get enough entries, the contest will be cancelled and would be a huge disappointment for those who worked hard on entries (I’m guilt trippin’ you guys… is it working?)

  9. Style of art| There is not particular style of art you need to do! You can do episode style (Limelight or Ink), Realistic, anime, cartoon, you name it!

  10. Inappropriateness| Absolutely no promotion of rape, racism, drugs and not sexual content at all!


For the banners, where did you get the font?


I use a website called canva.com


Not entering this, but everyone’s art is so amazing! :heart_eyes:


sorry for the late reply, frosty !!

AHHHH that’s amazing , you’ve brought me to tears my dear. the eyeballs looks great either way. thank uu !! :yellow_heart:


Ok, thank you :blush::heart:


Bleh, I don’t like it :grinning:, BUT TYYYYYYYY SOOOPPPPP :heart::heart::heart::sob::two_hearts::two_hearts:


Look who I found…!




Ohh deem my noseless art piece




finally done ! Cassandra, im so sorry i took way too long. it’s nothing compared to other beautiful entries but i had fun making it :smile: ill pm you the non watermarked version. family



Beautiful :open_mouth: