Cassie Cat's Summer Request Shop [CLOSED TO CATCH UP]

Welcome to Cassie Cat’s mini Art Shop!
@Turtle_Cat and I are collaborating to bring you Cassie Cat’s Summer Request Shop! We will only be taking four requests at a time and will be closing at the end of the summer so hurry in!


this means no complicated requests

Here are some rules you need to follow before requesting
1 Be Patient. If you’re going to request something from us, you’ll need to be able to accept/tolerate any delays and problems. Do not rush our process as you might end up causing our artist to accidentally mess up your request or you not getting your art at all. Note that we all have life outside the forums too.

2 No Drama. Any dramas will not be tolerated. If you think any of our members is doing something wrong, please notify us through PM. You will reported and banned from our boutique if we found you starting a fight or spreading negativity. Avoid cluttering the topic as we are trying to make our environment to the best for our clients.

3 No Thread Hopping. Do not request the exact same thing elsewhere. We know that you might want a couple of options but editors work very hard on their edits and it’s really discouraging if you don’t end up using the art that we made in the end. Before considering your request, we will be checking your history to make sure that you’re not doing so. It’s utterly disrespectful, for both of us.

4 Only Request if You’re Gonna Use it. Our artists put a lot of effort and spend so much time doing your request and we wouldn’t want our work to go down the drain. Please avoid requesting just for the fun of it.

5 Denial. Your request is rejected? Aw, too bad. Here are the reasons on why it happened, you might have done one of these : You have requested the same thing somewhere else, you disrespect our artists, you tried to cause drama, your request is too complex or you were found breaking any of the guidelines. We have the rights to reject your request and we do not want our artists wasting their time on people who can’t handle proper behavior at our boutique.

6 No Stealing. Stealing is a bad person thing and we’re sure none of you are. Never claim our artwork as yours. We will immediately contact you personally and if you continue, we will take it to even higher circumstances. You have been warned.

"sumMeR is the PaSSwoRd

7 Advertisement. Don’t you just hate it when you’re reading an Episode story and ads started to pop up on your screen? Off topic but in this case, we do not allow you to promote your own or other people’s thread on our boutique. We would also like to remind you that we do not work in the the Episode Team and any suggestions should be posted on the Feature + Art Suggestions section. Any post that includes links or any form of advertising will be flagged.

You should promote our group to your other friends instead! We all want the best for the community :slightly_smiling_face:

8 Credit Us. An artist’s signature is their greatest power. Some of our artists might put their watermark on your art request to avoid it from getting stolen. However, credit is still necessary . Please appreciate us taking some time out of our day making you the art piece. How do I credit y’all? , you may ask. Down here we included some ways on how you can show your appreciation towards the artist.

click me!

readerMessage thank you to @artistname for the lovely art!
Credit to @artistname for the art!

9 】 Terms of use. Since our editors use episode assets to make their art, we request that you only use your art on the episode platform. It is okay to share your artwork in your story, on the forums or on instagram, but please do not share your art on external websites or platforms. This rule is made due to episode partially owning there art since their assets are used. This also includes requesting art for any other playforms that aren’t Episode. Please note that we only create art for PUBLISHED Episode stories. Another very important rule is not to request a certain artist to complete your request. Also, be sure not to exhibit inappropriate portrayals in your behavior or art! You may not request art for a story that contains any of following, as members of epi.savvies does not encourage such behaviour:

Pornographic behaviour
Graphic or glorified rape
Racist or homophobic behaviour

rules taken from my lovely Savvies thread which was typed by the lovely @Sophbee (thx hun)


Do not steal, trace, or redistribute these examples

Request form

Preferred artist (optional) (we have the right to choose the artist):
What kind of art are you requesting (art scene, pfp, cover, etc;):
How many characters (3 max for our convenience):
Screenshots (optional):
When do you need it by:
Additional text:
Preferred Pose:
Preferred Background:


  1. open…
  2. open…
  3. open…

Do you take profile picture requests or only art scenes etc.? :upside_down_face: (and oop I reread the rules and that’s probably only art scenes, right?)

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We can take all types of requests :smile: as long as you will use it


Alright :smile:

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Preferred Artist: @Turtle_Cat? Honestly I don’t really have a preference…
How many char: Just 1!


Skin tone: Olive
Face shape: Oval
Hair: Straight, black
Eyebrows: Seductive arch
Eyes: upturned bold, light brown
Nose: refined
Lips: blossom, cherry (I think)

Sorry, I don’t really write in INK so I’m not really sure what the names are :smile: here’s a picture though, if it helps!


Credit for the splash to @WinterMoon05

Outfit: If possible maybe a yellow sundress of some sort? I can be more specific.
When do I need it by: Anytime, really no rush!
Additional Text: Nope!
Accessories: Nope!
Others: Nope as well :rofl:

Password :shushing_face: sUmummer

the password is making me question how I spell summer. Sumemuer? Sum…


Pose: (if you’ve already started the pose that’s fine and cool but if you’re sitting clueless then here ya go :+1::rofl:) anything that you feel would be fun to draw. If you’ve been wanting to try something out, go ahead and use my request as a guinea pig, ik it’s going to look awesome either way :joy: but if you’re really wanting suggestions, the below if possible?

Related image



Arsome, thank you for doing this, hopefully it’s accepted, I love your guys work :heart:

Preferred artist (optional) (we have the right to choose the artist): It doesn’t matter.
How many characters (3 max for our convenience): just one.
Skin : Light
Brows : Sedutive Round
Eyes : Round Bold (blue)
Face : oval
Nose : Soft Natural
Hair : Straight or Updo Braided Crown (black). Or a long slick ponytail with hair framing the face, I have really really long hair.
Lips : Full Round (blush)
Screenshots (optional): I don’t have any, but if you need it i will provide it.
Outfit: Can you do custom, because I don’t mind the outfit. Anything cute, I don’t mind.
When do you need it by: I’m due for a new PFP, so as long as it will take you.
Additional text: N/A
Accessories: I do wear glasses unfortunately, the round clear thin ones. And ear pierce if you can.
Others: N/A

Something like this, similar maybe.

Password : sUmummer


I’d love to request an Instagram Outro if possible! :heart:

Preferred artist (optional) (we have the right to choose the artist): No preference!

How many characters (3 max for our convenience): 1


Eyes: Upturned Bold (Brown)
Eyebrows: Defined Natural
Face: Soft Heart
Hair: Fishtail Braid (Chestnut)
Mouth: Full Round (Scarlet)
Nose: Upturned
Skin Tone: Olive

Screenshots (optional):

Pose, Outfits, Accessories & Others:

I’d really love something similar to this example if possible! Although I understand it’s not fun to remake the same edit, so please let me know if you’d rather not!

When do you need it by: Anytime!
Additional text: None! :heart:
Password: sUmummer


Oh gosh thanks :sweat_smile: that was a spelling error. It’s fixed now!


Nah, I like how it was spelt :rofl::two_hearts:


People who have just requested, could you edit your post and add your preferred pose? I forgot to include that into the form :sweat_smile:

  • If I could please have @Turtle_Cat or you as my artist it does’nt effect me your both amazing artist.
  • two characters. (If you could make them both in to like circles kind of like overlays/buttons.)
  • Details.

Button/Overlay one.

Skin honey.
Brow seductive arch.
Hair, beach wave fawn.
Eyes, Upturned feline green.
Face oval.
Nose, Elven.
Lips, full round.
Buttone/ Overlay 2

Skin honey.
Brow seductive arch.
Hair, straight fawn.
Eyes, Upturned feline green.
Face oval.
Nose, Elven.
Lips, full round.

I need it by Monday if possible.
If the first character picture could say Kylie.
Second character Christian.

These poses if possible.


That pose for Kylie.
This pose for Chirstian.
And dang it I woulv’e requested first if I did’nt type so slow. :rofl:

I hope you except my request. Thanks loves…
Note: What I meant by button/overlay is that its just a circle instead of a square.



I’d like to request a cover! (If it’s still open? :sweat_smile::laughing:)

Preferred artist (optional) (we have the right to choose the artist): Anyone is fine :grin:
How many characters (3 max for our convenience): Just 1
Details: I want the character on the cover doing talk_unsure
Outfit: (Hold up, I’ll edit this when I get em hehe sorry :sweat_smile:)
When do you need it by: It Doesn’t really matter :grin:
Additional text: Nope
Character Details:
Body: Ash 00
Eyes: Monolid slender (red)
Hair: Side shave long (Dark black)
Nose: Defined natural
Face: Diamond
Mouth: Full heart pouty fangs (Blood orange gloss)
Eyebrows: Arched thin high (Dark black)

Extras: Nose stud silver, Neck bite vampire scar
Title: So… I’m a vampire
Author: CStation
Genre: Comedy
Background: Just a plain pastel violet background

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Both of your works are amazing! Looks like the slots have filled up so please tag me when you’re open again. :star_struck:



:warning:All requests that come in after this post will be ignored and not completed. you have been warned :warning:

  1. @_haruka completed by @Turtle_Cat… :heavy_check_mark:
  2. @SASB completed by @Cassandra_Dean… :heavy_check_mark:
  3. @EverythingEpisode completed by @Cassandra_Dean… :heavy_check_mark:
  4. @Cocoa_bean23 completed by @Turtle_Cat… :heavy_check_mark:

Sorry you were just a little too late :confounded: were only taking four requests at a time


Tysm nolias :kissing_heart: yeah well definitely let you know!


Oh, Sorry, That’s fine! :sweat_smile:


Tag me when you’re open again btw :grin: I :heart: the art


This thread is amazing! :heart_eyes:’Love the examples Turtle and Cass. Please tag me when you have open slots. :heartbeat:


Me as well :joy: