Castle Background


Hey! I’m looking for an castle background!


Interior or Exterior?


Exterior, please.


Lemme see if I have any.


So I have a lot of castle backgrounds which I downloaded or saved from editors but the problem is Idk who you’re supposed to give credit to, cause they’re all jumbled in a folder. :sweat_smile:


It’s fine! I think I’ll be able to trace them down!


But anyway here are some castle exterior backgrounds:

Morning Castle

Evening Castle:

Night Castle:

Lemme pull more up. :grin:


Thank you! Do you have any more?
(I’m making different kingdoms!)
(Anything Fairy-taley?)


Lemme check.


I have this castle overlay:

If you use please credit: ThorneArtStudios

Yep that’s it.


Thank you so much!


@Ryan/@Jeremy, please close this thread!


Closing per OP request :v:t2: