Cat breed? Help!


Cat Breed!

I know this a bit off topic for the episode forums but the reason I’m asking is because their might be cat lovers on the forums with answers!

So I just got a new kitten recently, she’s 10 weeks old now!
I’m wondering what breed she is. Her tail isn’t fluffy yet but her hair is pretty fluffy. I can run my fingers through her fur and she puffs up.
She also has polydactyl syndrome where she has more than 5 toes on her paws, she has the m shape on her forehead.

I’ve heard of some stories where people’s Maine coons didn’t start REALLY growing their hair until a few months.

Apparently polydactyl syndrome is common in Maine coons as well!

Here are some pictures!

The first picture she’s still very young. Her eyes have changed to a golden color!

She loves playing with water, eating, she’s super friendly, greets you when you come home, and really vocal.

If there’s any cat experts or lovers, what’s your opinion?

Is she a Maine coon?

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Heyyooooo I’m like super bored

She was a rescue so I can’t base it off her parents. She’s a clean slate and wish to know more about my kitten!


Ok this is tough! Usually when they have that many toes it means they are a Maine Coons! And the M shape on her head definitely means she has some type of Siamese in her! But either she is super cute! I also have a Siamese

I would assume your kitten is half Maine Coon half Siamese but then again I could be wrong!

I volunteer at a cat rescue so I would like to think I am a “cat expert” I also would like to become a veterinarian cause I love all animals!


Thank you for the response!
Hopefully when she gets older I’ll get a definite answer.
That’s cool that you wanna be a veterinarian expert!


Ya ofc I love cats so when I saw this thread I almost lost it! But yes as she gets older some of that Main Coon will come out!

Keep me updated if you find anything else out about her :wink:


Totally unrelated but she’s adorable


Here’s another picture I took today.


Awww so cute! She has definitely gotta be a Siamese and a Maine Coon mix! Like the long fur if definitely from the Main Coon part…and I can totally see the M mark on her head! Usually how you can tell if they are gonna grow to a big cat (like a main coon) is if they have large feet! Maybe you could look at the feet and see if they are on the the larger side?


She has the extra toe I was talking about. But does it seem big?
Also I feel like shes a bit larger than kittens her age


Sorry for the late reply! Now tbh it kinda does look like she has a pretty big foot for her age! But then again it might just be the angle! But I would definitely say she has some Main Coon in her for sure!


I would show a better picture with a better angle but she wouldn’t stop moving :joy:


My heart aches she is such a sweetheart :weary: :sparkling_heart:


The little thumbs have me creasing they’re so adorable


Hahaha ya I bet…most cats hate when you touch their feet :joy:

And I just found a picture of my cat and thought I had to share

I just find this hysterical :sweat_smile:


She’s so FRIGGIN cute


Aww thanks!
She is honestly a brat though :roll_eyes:


The extra toe happens too a lot of kittens it called something idk what it is but it’s hard to pronounce and even type. My kitten died from it but she was only a newborn when we rescued her


It might be a Calico cat.


Calicos are dark orange, white, and black.
Mines a cream colored