Cat’s outline shop!

Hi there! Welcome to my outline shop! No fancy formats and confusing rules, I just wanna help you all out :pleading_face: :blob_hearts: Alright, let’s get into it!

My Rules!
If you do not follow these, I will ignore your request! Tysm <3
• Do not ever remove my watermark, it’s already really small! Feel free to move the watermark around tho, just make sure it’s visible :’)
• When using outlines, credit me! (On Instagram, tag + mention me! My IG handle is catgirlepi, on any other platform say something like “outline made by catgirlepi on IG”)
• Do not give these out to other people without having them read my rules
• Don’t claim outline as yours
• All changes must be recognizable.
• And enjoy~ 🥲

My free outline drive!

These also serves as examples, BUT they are a bit old.

How to request properly!
Requests MUST be made with this form to make things easier for the both of us!
• Do NOT PM me your request, just reply to this with your form!
• Contain the password somewhere in your request, and BLUR IT OUT! Here’s the password 🤌 CatboysRCool
• Use this form:

Character Details:
Any Props?:
Extra Info:


I really hope you guys enjoy! My waitlist will be below~ Make sure to check my shop status before replying/requesting <3


hey! would you still be open to make an outline?