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Hey everyone! I’ve been practicing coding for a while now and since i’m on a break from coding for myself I thought maybe others would like some coding help!

High skill set

Panning & cutting
Spot directing
outfit changes
multiple character animations/sequence

Medium skill set

Flashback scenes
text and weather effects

1. I have a life outside episode - I have other things to do besides episode, I am a high-school student and please understand that I cannot do all your requests at the same time i’m only human,

2. Declining requests - I try my best no to decline requests but if I do it is either against episode guidelines, unlogical or an impossible task.

3. Backrounds - If you are having trouble finding a backround it isn’t a problem i’ll most likely find one for you once you give me a theme

(I only make overlays for minigames)

Request form

What are you requesting?

***Waiting list***
Completed requests

Feel free to ask any questions!!!

Happy requesting!!!


Good Luck! This is helpful, I suck at coding- :joy:

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Request anytime :joy::joy:

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This might also be a art shop soon😅

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i have a question do you code mini games in a story?


What type of minigames? @Kande10

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could i request? :sweat_smile:

ofc luv

like crimes clues or like surgery minigame or puzzle or any one @Cathie_epi

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sorry if i don’t respond because i was sleeping and it soon be aftersoon when it hit 12:00 Pm

Hey! Are u still open? :sweat_smile:

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