Cats! Cats! Cats! Drop your fave cat pics here!

Good morning, afternoon or evening :grin:

I wanted to make this topic just because I love cats and I would like to share some images of cats that I love <3 I hope you guys can also reply with funny or cute cat pics just because it’s scientifically (!) proven that cats increase your serotonin (don’t google that; source: trust me) :grin: :grin:

I AM IN NO WAY TAKING CREDIT OF THESE IMAGES THEY’RE NOT MINE!! credit goes to their original makers.

okay!! I’ll start off the thread with my favesss;


download 18.07.54


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stop omg so cute im-

This is my favourite cat reaction I use on Twitter

‘Me when I have to wait 3 hours to read the next chapter’ I hate when that happens :skull: :skull:


Okay so I obviously have to choose my own cat because it’s the cutest picture I have in my camera roll. I just have to prepare you — my cat did in fact choose the ugliest oldest pillow to lay on. I did try cutting it out of the picture but it ended up detracting from his model worthy pose.

Not for the faint of heart, but also the cutest fricken animal

Another sweet picture and proof that I don't only have 🐀 pillows—

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OMG STOP THAT’S SUCH A PRECIOUS PHOTO :face_holding_back_tears: :face_holding_back_tears:

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bye omggg literally me :sob: :sob:

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I had just walked in and turned on the light and I saw his face so I started RUSHING to open my camera app! :rofl: Normally my cats are like me and look like potatoes but sometimes they inspire me.

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