Caught In Love Out Now!


I just published my new story “Caught In Love”!!! I took me weeks to write, :sweat_smile: but I’m very proud of it! If you want to check it out the link is below.:arrow_down:

Hope you like it!! :heart:

Will you read it?

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Anyone up for a r4r?

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I will be reading later. :blush:


Yes, I would read it. I am just finishing some of my R4R. Then I will read it.


Going to read it now.


There are alot of layer problems the end of episode 2 you zoomed on the to be coutined scene then it quickly ends.


Ofc boo!


I’ll fix it… thank you for letting me know!! (i still have some problems with spot directing :sweat_smile:) :blush:


No problem! :kissing_heart:


It’s fine.