CC and Art Scenes {Help needed!} (ASAP)

Hiya everyone!

Me and @reina.a.ep are creating a Christmas :christmas_tree: Story.

We need some help…

We’re wondering if we had Art Scenes to capture some of the festive and cute/cliché moments, would you still read it. This would mean there would be no Customisation.

So, vote and help us! Please…

  • Art Scenes with no CC
  • CC with no Art Scenes

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Feel free to help us with a name too
Christmas Story Help (NEEDED ASAP!)


my answaer depend on one simple thing, do you draw the art yourself, and if not do you pay for the art or do you just expect someone to do it for free

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I’ll be drawing the art. I wouldn’t expect anyone to do it for free when it’s close to Christmas already.

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then I pick art scenes, but I also dont like to do CC, I also think with no CC you be more creative with body overlays and such

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Thats what we were thinking too :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you for giving us your opinion :sparkling_heart:

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Bump! :christmas_tree:

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Bump! :snowman_with_snow:

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