CC Art Material From Portal Help Wanted 🌹 💞

Hi there, I have a lot of material I need from the portal cut out (ink & limelight) so I can code it into my full CC templates. Sometimes when you download the image, it comes with a background, but I need that area transparent. Unfortunately, I’m no good at this :sweat_smile: I would love some help. Of course you can take your time and I’m willing to recruit more than one person b/c there’s a lot :yay: Also I might need other help such as having certain parts of backgrounds cut out sometimes :see_no_evil: Currently, I have 2 amazing artists helping me but one of them appears very busy now plus I don’t want to overburden them because they do so much for me :rofl:

Deadline: there is no deadline :rose: We’d communicate in a PM. If interested, respond below :revolving_hearts:

I need by a portion of a background cut out by tomorrow because the person is requesting the template be coded by tomorrow so I feel pressured to get it done haha, would anybody be willing to help out with just this for a starter? This will be my last time taking on a script template task for someone because I don’t like working with deadlines, I like going on my own terms. It’s OK if I can’t get it by tomorrow if I don’t get the material, I will explain to them how to do it :+1:

If you just need the background cut out, I can help!