CC help please! char. keeps re-entering!

so heres my template (obviously my script has the full CC i just didnt want to flood the desc.)

my problem is that after you click an option or press “done” the character always enters in over and over.
if i move the label anywhere else, the bg wont show up.

label female_custom_1

music off
@pause for a beat

music casual_conversation_music_loop

&CARMEN enters from left to screen center
&CARMEN faces right and CARMEN starts idle


Before we start the story.

What do you look like?

“Skin Tone” {
goto fem_skin_1
} “Hair” {
goto fem_hair_1
} “Eyes” {
goto fem_eyes_1
} “Eyebrows” {
goto fem_brows_1
} “Face” {
goto fem_face_1
} “Nose” {
goto fem_nose_1
} “Lips” {
goto fem_mouth_1
} “This is perfect!” {
goto female_1_end

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The issue is that where you placed the label is at the beginning of the scene, and the character enters after. Try putting the label right before the choice and see if it works, because it should.

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it doesnt but thanks! ill just try a different template or work something out.

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Okay sure! Sorry I couldn’t be of much help :pleading_face:

ok so weird thing is when i first tried ur suggestion it didnt work then i just decided to move the cc template to the 2nd chapter and i tried ur suggestion again and it worked.

i think its also bc i just started off with my mc standing, when i started w my mc entering the scene it didnt work

Hi! Is this solved or do you still need help?
Basically the problem you have is:
You put &CARMEN enters from left to screen centre AFTER the “label female_custom_1”!
Hope this helped! If it did please mark my message as the “solution”! :two_hearts:

yeah i fixed it! also someone else said the same thing and it didnt work at first but the second time it did. ty for still helping tho!

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