CC + Limb Overlays: Placement

I need help with using custom skin tone overlays based on the skin tone the reader chose for the MC/MC’s love interest.

I found the skin tone confirming template by @TheTurtleTrainer, however, using this and using hand/limb overlays, how would I actually insert the overlays into my script?

For example, if the reader chose “Taupe” for her MC’s love interest and I wanted it to appear as if the love interest was holding the MC’s side, how would I reference the correct overlay for the matching skin tone?

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You need to create a choice. For each body color you will need to create a different overlay.

Hopefully this works - I can’t currently test it.

choice (bodyColor)
“Taupe” {
[Change the body color]

Later in script:
if (bodyColour = “taupe”) {
@overlay TAUPEARM create
@overlay TAUPEARM shifts to X Y
@overlay TAUPEARM scales to X Y
@overlay TAUPEARM opacity X
@overlay TAUPEARM to layer X

Okay, so technically since the readers would be choosing the skin tones, I wouldn’t know which skin tone to actually input in my script. Would I use if/elif/else on ALL skin tones and use the overlay commands to place it in the correct place, to match the skin color the reader chose? (I hope that makes sense)

If I remember correctly, that template uses gains, it asks the skin colour in the end, right?

Since it has gains, just do this;

if (gainname){
&overlay codes
elif (gainname2){
&overlay codes

Like this.

That answered my question, thank you :slight_smile:

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